Quick summary of the week.

1 minute read

On Tuesday I went to get my wisdom teeth extraction evaluation. Looks like I have one of the worst cases, my wisdom teeth are so badly positioned that taking them out risks permanent nerve damage and/or sinus damage. It gets better, my surgery is going to be the day after I get back from Russia! Nothing says welcome back better than a morning surgery.

On Wednesday I went to get the rest of my allergy tests. Turns out I’m allergic to all kinds of grass and weeds. Thankfully though, I am not allergic to any type of food. I don’t remember anything else from Tuesday…

Thursday was much better than the previous days. A few of my friends came over to have lunch and watch a movie. We saw the movie Good Bye Lenin!. After the movie we hung out for a while trying to figure out if we were going to do anything else. We ended up swimming until around 1am, which was a lot of fun.

Today (Friday) I didn’t do much in the morning. I picked up my dad from the airport around 4pm and went back home. We watched the soccer game Mexico vs. Cuba where we thankfully won 2-1. That’s my day for you.

I love how creative my title is this time.