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Hi! My name is Alvaro. I’m an Electrical Engineer living in California. My main interests include electronics, watching movies, flying, photography(time-lapse and high-speed), and traveling. If you’re interested, you can find my resume here.

Stuff I make

I make silly videos about my projects and other things. You can watch them on my youtube channel.

I also occasionally upload some travel or event photos to my Flickr account.

While photos and videos are in other sites, this one contains my blog. You can read about some of my travels, about my projects, and other stuff.

Other stuff

I was a guest on the Embedded.fm podcast.

Here’s my talk at the Hackaday Superconference in 2015:

There’s also a Hackaday article about some of my ProtoX reverse engineering work.

I gave a talk for students in the Design_Code_Build program at the Computer History Museum:

Here’s my talk about prototyping/debugging tools for the Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic meetup:

Here’s a talk about my cheese cave controller:

Here’s a talk about my weather station project: