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Long Day

I have not had much time to relax since 9am this morning. It feels good to finish the day.
I did the usual this morning and got to school around 8:25am. I sat on a bench outside and listened to music until class started at 9. Our teacher had to leave at 10am and left us some work to do for an hour. In the third hour, we sat in the more advanced class with another teacher and tried to learn some stuff. I think I did learn though.

After lunch, I had history for an hour and a half, we had to cut it short because we had to leave early to go catch a bus. We went to a small church like place where a man named Vladimir works. He is a master birch bark weaver (His title is something like that.) and is working in his doctorate. He was nice enough to take three hours to teach us how to make some really neat baskets. Making the basket was easier than I thought, but it takes patience and time. I am not a very patient person, and I had to finish in two hours because I was going to go to a show at 7pm and had to be home at 6pm. I finished around 5:15pm and headed out. As usual, I made a few wrong turns and decided to walk halfway home. I took a few buses that took me nowhere useful and walked some more. The funny thing is, I knew where I was, but being me, I figured out a way to take the longest possible route without meaning to.
I finally got home around 6:05pm had a quick lunch, and headed out. We got to the theater around 6:55pm, so it was ok.

I think the play is called Анаморфозы Шута, but maybe not. It has something to do with Salvador Dali, and it is a fantasy. There was no speaking in the play, which is good, because if there was, it would be in Russian. I still didn’t understand much, oh well. It was pretty cool though.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving to St. Petersburg, I don’t feel like carrying my laptop, so no blog posts until Sunday night/Monday. I’m tired.

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