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Yesterday wasn’t very interesting so I didn’t feel like writing something. I walked around the Kremlin and that’s pretty much all that is interesting.

Today has been more fun. I got up early, showered, had breakfast, and headed to class. The bus I got on was extremely packed, I went in the front-most door and ended up standing pretty close to the windshield, right next to the driver. It wasn’t a problem until he started asking me to move around so he could see if there were any cars coming in an intersection. The second bus wasn’t nearly as full and I actually got to sit down.

Russian class was interesting too because we got a new teacher. Our original teacher had something to do this week, so she will be out. I learned some more new things about the language, which I always enjoy. After that we had our first Russian History class. Today we only covered a basic overview of the whole culture and why Russians are the way they are. I also learned some other cool things, I didn’t know that Russians had gone all the way down from Alaska to California! I guess I should have payed attention in world history class a long time ago, not that I know if they covered that or not…

After class I came back home, had some good lunch, and did my homework. I later went on the computer and checked my email. I was extremely happy to see that some of my new Russian friends had sent me emails. One of the emails was completely in Russian, so it took me a few minutes to translate everything and figure out what they were telling me. I think I understood most of it, but I am not sure. I tried to reply to the email in Russian too, I hope I didn’t screw up too bad. I also hope I get to see them again, they all seemed really nice.

Oh, I also found out I am going to St. Petersburg on Thursday, instead of Saturday, which was nice to hear. I also found out that I am starting my internship on Monday! I still don’t know where I will be working, so that’s strange, but I’ll figure it out…

No ideas for a title of todays post…

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