First Days of School

1 minute read

Yesterday (Monday) was not too bad. I started by going to Physics class at 8am. I then got back to the apartment to figure out what I had or didn’t have. I went to WalMart to buy some food and other things, then to OfficeMax to buy some more stuff. I tried to hurry because I thought I had my kayaking class at 4pm. I showed up a few minutes early, no one was there. After a while, I decided to check online to see if there had been any notes about the class posted after I last checked. There were. The class doesn’t start until September 21st…

I then went to my Russian class, which is great, because there are only four students! I think that’s one of the best class sizes for a language class.

Today I had Engineering Math at 10am. The professor seems pretty cool. The only problem was that the book we all bought is not the one we will be using, so I went and returned it at the bookstore. I also had Programming for Engineers. The professor there is in charge of all the robotics and stuff in the Electrical Engineering department, which is what I want to do, so I thought that was awesome.

After that was Complex Variables, which is yet another math class. I’m told the professor is from Hungary, which explains his accent, but he is a great teacher. I think the different accents help me stay focused, instead of listening to the same monotonous ones some professors have. Finally, I had Russian again. Now I think I will go to bed, I’m going to try to go to the gym tomorrow morning. I also start working then.