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Again, I cannot come up with an intelligent title…

I think I stayed home most of the morning, I went to Best Buy to get a gift card for a friend and then came back home. I’m sure I did something interesting, but I don’t really remember. I ordered the developer toolkit for Windows Mobile 6 (The operating system my phone uses), maybe I’ll be able to make some useful program with it. I just need an idea of what to do, I wish I was creative.

Around 6pm I went to my friends house to gather for her birthday celebration. They decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Bayside, and also chose to take the metro rail. I decided just to drive there, since it is so much faster, comfortable, and convenient. Three people came with me, so it wasn’t too boring. I got there much earlier than the rest of the group, but two people were already there, so I found them and talked to them for a while. It’s nice to meet new people. We tried getting a table so it would be ready when everyone else got there, but they require half the party to be there before they can sit us. We were expecting 22 people, and we didn’t have 11 at the time, so we just waited outside. Dinner was ok, it took a while to get there, but I’m assuming it was because there were so many orders from the same table. Since there were so many people, I didn’t really get to talk much, it was too loud, oh well.
On the way back, I drove alone, a few people got picked up and none of the others wanted to come in the car with me, don’t ask me why, I still don’t know… I got home close to 12, and now I’m writing this. I think I’m going to go to bed, tomorrow I have to go to the doctor (surprised?) and take my dad to the airport.