Lucky? I think not.

4 minute read

Today has been a very interesting day. As usual, I woke up around 5:30am, showered, ate breakfast, hung out and left around 8:10am to go to school. In class I learned some new words, how to conjugate almost every verb, and some other stuff. In the art class, I finished my very ugly painting from yesterday and started working on a new one. The teacher showed us some sample works that are traditional of this area of Russia, and told us to either copy one or make our own. I decided to take ideas from the pre-made ones and give them a touch of my own crazy imagination (or lack thereof.) The sketch has a castle with the sun shining on it, a house with a cloud and rain over it, some mountains, and two fish. I started coloring it and realized I cannot mix colors to save my life. I wanted a light green, mixed some green with white, but managed to get the ugliest color possible. I then tried to get a light brown by mixing brown and white… another miserable failure. After I saw how the teacher mixed colors I realized that putting water into the mix made a big difference, finally I got some decent colors. Unfortunately it was too late for one of the mountains, it has that very ugly green, oh well.

After school we all went to a wooden architecture museum a few kilometers out of the city, near an old monastery. Rather than a closed off museum, this one is outside on the woods and consists of several houses and churches built entirely out of wood. You might think that is not very interesting, but some of those were built hundreds of years ago. We learned how families lived in the winter many years ago, they had very big houses, but they all pretty much lived in the same room, everything else was for storage and farm animals.

After that, we drove back to the city and dropped off most people at a bus stop. I was told to stay on the car because they were dropping me off at another bus stop. Once there, I was told to take bus 6 in order to get home. I waited around 10-15 minutes until the bus arrived, it was packed, and all the people in the bus stop wanted to get inside. Unfortunately for me, I am too nice and let most people get in before me. There was almost no space left, but I decided I was not going to wait for the next one, so I jumped in and pushed some people so the doors wouldn’t crush me. After the doors closed, I was pushed against the door by the mass of people. I was fine until we started to approach the next stop. Since the doors open inwards, and I was pretty much leaning on them, there was going to be a problem. The bus stopped, I heard the hiss of the doors starting to open, and then felt something crushing my foot. Thankfully my sandals are pretty hard and stopped the door from opening. I stepped up into the bus and tried to open that half of the door, it didn’t work. People left through the half-open door, others came in. After a few minutes of the bus not moving, people started talking and leaving, most of us stayed in, I didn’t realize that since the door wasn’t closing, the bus wasn’t leaving. Since I didn’t hear the hissing sound the doors make when they close, I figured they weren’t trying to close them. After a while I heard something through the speakers, I didn’t understand a word, but everyone got angry and started walking out of the bus. I figured I should leave too, so I got out and stood there to wait for the next bus. After 10 minutes, another route 6 bus came along and everyone in the bus stop got on, this time I wasn’t so nice and got in first. As we left, I saw the previous bus sit there with it’s flashers, I wonder how long it stayed. I have broken many things in my life, but never something like this. I think there were at least 50 people on that bus and they all got to waste 15 minutes of their life because of me, how sad. If I add those minutes, they come out to 750, which is about 12.5 hours, what a waste. I hope my bad luck doesn’t increase during my stay here, next thing you know….. I don’t even want to imagine what I can cause.

Anyway, I made it home only 15 minutes after I said I would be there, so my calculations were correct if that incident had not happened. I like guesstimating times, even though they never come out right, I am happy when they do. I think this is enough writing for one day…