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New Friends!

2 minute read

I am very tired so I won’t write too much…

Another Fun Day

4 minute read

Today was an interesting day. Since it is July 4th, the group of study abroad students wanted to get together and have dinner. I was shown the location of th...

Lucky? I think not.

4 minute read

Today has been a very interesting day. As usual, I woke up around 5:30am, showered, ate breakfast, hung out and left around 8:10am to go to school. In class ...

First Day of Class

2 minute read

Today was my first day of classes. I got about three hours of sleep last night, I woke up around 12 for no reason and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Around 7am...

I’m in Russia!

less than 1 minute read

I haven’t had time to write anything, but I will soon!My host family is awesome, they are all very nice. I will put something more detailed later.