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St. Petersburg

5 minute read

St. Petersburg was awesome! I just got back from four days over there, and I am very satisfied with what I saw.

Long Day

1 minute read

I have not had much time to relax since 9am this morning. It feels good to finish the day.I did the usual this morning and got to school around 8:25am. I sat...

(no ideas)

1 minute read

Yesterday wasn’t very interesting so I didn’t feel like writing something. I walked around the Kremlin and that’s pretty much all that is interesting.

I Hate Rain

1 minute read

It has been raining all day, and it’s starting to get annoying. Today I woke up relatively late (for my standards) around 8:30am. I showered, had breakfast, ...


1 minute read

I don’t think I am getting enough sleep. Yesterday I almost didn’t go to talk with the English class because I was taking a nap. I was extremely tired throug...