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Walk in the Park

2 minute read

Today was not very interesting, but it was not very boring either. After I woke up and had breakfast, I did some of my homework for class and decided to go o...

Old Russia

1 minute read

Today I went to a town whose name translates to Old Russia. I think the main reason it is famous is because the house of famous writer, Dostoevsky, is there....

New Friends

1 minute read

Today was awesome. I did the usual in the morning and went to class. After Russian history class we all walked to a local university to meet some students wh...

Laughing at Myself

3 minute read

I don’t usually start laughing in the middle of the street, but on some occasions, I just have to do it.On a normal day, my alarm wakes me up at 6:50am, I sh...

St. Petersburg

5 minute read

St. Petersburg was awesome! I just got back from four days over there, and I am very satisfied with what I saw.