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Last Day in Novgorod

1 minute read

Yesterday was my last day of work. Other than that, all I did was buy a few gifts for people.

August 15

1 minute read

Sorry for not posting as often as before, I have been quite busy over the last few days. I spent some time yesterday getting my reservation for a hotel in St...

Less Work

1 minute read

Today I showed up to work only to find out there was no new group of students. I was really looking forward to meeting new people. Since only the supervisors...

Last Full Sunday

1 minute read

Today I woke up fairly early, even thought I went to bed late. I spent some time on the computer while the rest of the family woke up. I didn’t really do any...

Dinner with Family

2 minute read

Yesterday I set my alarm to turn on at 8am because on Saturday work starts at 10am. At 7:30am I was woken up my my host mother telling me I was going to miss...