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CC2500 Project (Part 3)

Here’s an even smaller update!

Since the MSP430G2452 doesn’t have a hardware UART, it’s not very useful in communicating with the computer. I could use the bit-banging method to get 2400baud, but I didn’t feel like figuring it out.

For my thesis, I implemented a serial-to-radio repeater using the EZ430-RF2500 and a USB-to-serial converter. I was able to modify the code to get it working. It ends up being a 19200baud link. For some reason, I can’t get the processor to run at 16MHz without it giving me problems. Since I don’t wan’t to figure those out now, I’m running it at 1MHz, which prevents me from doing the usual 115200baud. (Not that I really need that speed.)

I then wrote a quick processing sketch to capture audio and send RGB values out the serial port to the microcontroller.

In short, I can now sync the lights to the music wirelessly!

Here’s a quick video demo (As you can probably tell, I’m really happy it worked!):

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