Slow Motion Roller Derby

1 minute read

I recently purchased a Casio EX-FH100 digital camera. Unlike most other point-and-shoots, this one can do high-speed video. It ranges from regular 720p HD video at 30fps to high-speed 120 fps(640 x 480), 240fps (448 x 336), 420fps (224 x 168), 1000fps (224 x 64). The resolution on the fastest two is pretty bad, but it’s still fun to mess around with.

After testing the camera on myself jumping around (pretty lame), I decided to try it out at the ROC City Roller Derby bout at RIT. Here are some high-speed clips:

NOTE: I have over 100 of these, if you want to have them and use them, let me know! I don’t have the skill or time to make a decent video using several of the clips. For some reason, YouTube will only embed videos at 360p. Make sure you click on 480p to improve the quality. Enjoy!

This first video shows when Lethal Lorelei fell, injuring her ankle. (120fps)

Goldie Fox whips Hy DeMonic forward.(120fps)

Asa Clubs falls and calls off the jam after tripping.(120fps)

Gwar slips (240fps).

Toxin Dioxin and Thea Pocalypse race ahead. (120fps)

Toxin Dioxin is hit by Goldie Fox and calls off the jam.

Jammers off the start line. (120fps)

No skating in this one… Throwing t-shirts at the crowd. (120fps)

This last one is a mix of 30fps and 120fps. The girls did an extra jam after the bout finished, but this time with Thea Pocalypse wearing a camera on her helmet.

Please correct me if I screwed up anyone’s name!

I also took some photos during the event, but since I was recording with the little camera, I didn’t get too many. You can see them here: