Last Day of Class

1 minute read

Today I went to school and took my final exam. I’m not sure how I did, but I don’t think it was bad.
After class I went to work and arrived around 12pm. I worked for an hour and then had the lunch break. I went with some of my Russian co-workers to some underground cafeteria in a government building. I don’t know how they found it, but the food is good and not expensive. After lunch, we went back to work.

Around 6pm we got out of work. I headed to a restaurant where we had the dinner with all the people that came to study here. Most of them are leaving on Friday. I had some stuffed chicken (At least that’s what I think it was.) and other good stuff. We finished around 9:30pm I believe.

When I got home, I was invited to eat some apple pie and something else. The apple pie looked like a pizza from far away, I learned it was a big mistake to actually say what I saw. I hope I didn’t offend my sister too bad…

I later found out that the ladies from Sweden spoke English very well and one of them a little Spanish. We spent a few hours learning Swedish/Spanish/Russian and figuring out what we were all saying, it was a lot of fun. I ended up going to bed around 12am, which wasn’t too bad.