Last Day in Russia

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Today I took a train to St. Petersburg. I left around 8am and arrived around 11:30am.

I took a taxi to the hotel, but since check-in was not until 2pm, I left my bags and walked around the city.

I went to the artillery museum, which I enjoyed a lot. I then walked some more, took the metro, walked again, and got back to the hotel. I finally got my room and went out again.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I first got some food. I later kept walking and found a movie theatre. I bought a ticket and saw a french movie (in Russian of course). Amazingly, I understood the plot and laughed a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the movie is going to come out in the USA. I found the IMDB entry for it here: . It is called Hors de Prix or in Russian, Роковая Красотка.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t have any problems at the airports, if I do, I will sure write about them here.