Dinner with Family

2 minute read

Yesterday I set my alarm to turn on at 8am because on Saturday work starts at 10am. At 7:30am I was woken up my my host mother telling me I was going to miss work. Apparently she didn’t hear me when I said work started later on Saturday, but oh well.

I went to work from 10am to 2pm, it was the last day for the group of students from Moscow, so I wanted to go say good bye. I didn’t find anything because we mostly did cleaning. By cleaning I mean taking all of the dirt from the wooden logs and other things in the ground. Once they are very nice and clean, they photograph them from all sorts of different angles with very nice digital cameras.

After work I went home, had a small lunch, and showered. I told my family I wanted to invite them to a restaurant, so they picked Napoli, which is a local Italian place. They made me wear my nice clothes, they didn’t want me to go in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m used to Miami, where even in the nice restaurants, shorts and a t-shirt are allowed.
Around 6:30pm we took a taxi and arrived at the restaurant. I had never been there before, it is a very nice place. We took some family pictures outside and went in to eat. My host mother called in yesterday to make reservations, which I didn’t even think of doing. Me and my host father ordered pizzas, grandma got some sort of fish dish, host mother got oysters, and my sister ordered shark. I also got a tequila sunrise and a piña colada for my host father. They had never had a piña colada, and they liked it.

After dinner, we walked around the city and went to visit a friend of the grandma. The friend had just left to go for a walk so my host father ran somewhere and found her. They later sat on a bench and talked for a while. My host sister and I kept walking, she showed me some good restaurants, old churches, and other interesting buildings. After all that, we all took a taxi and headed back home.

Once at home, I showed my family some more pictures of Mexico, which they really enjoyed. Later, I made a CD with a bunch of those pictures for my sister. I think it was around 12am, I was playing some Spanish music that my sister had asked for when I realized the sun had set. I don’t usually stay up late enough to see darkness.