August 15

1 minute read

Sorry for not posting as often as before, I have been quite busy over the last few days. I spent some time yesterday getting my reservation for a hotel in St. Petersburg. I will go there Saturday morning. As expected, I didn’t buy anything yesterday. I did walk around a mall to see what was there though.

This morning I woke up at 7am without my alarm clock. Since it has been rather warm, I am forced to leave my room windows open to let the cool air in, unfortunately, this also lets the sounds from all the cars, trucks, buses, people, and everything else on the street. Since I started going to work at 10am instead of 9am yesterday, I realized I have to take different buses. Somehow I manage to pick the only route that changes with the time of day to go to work. Now I have to get on a similar bus, get off at another stop, and switch buses. I guess that’s fine because I only have one more day of work.

After work I decided to go buy some stuff. I got myself an ice cream (which are great here) and walked across the bridge to the other side of the river. I found the store my sister had recommended and bought what I went there to get. I then proceeded to take strange buses to random bus stops that eventually led me home. Tomorrow I will have to be more careful. I have a bus pass that allows me unlimited travel in buses and trolleys, but it expires today. From now on, it is 10 rubles per ride. It’s not much, but I much rather buy an ice cream than get on the wrong bus and have to pay.

I also found out that my sister is finally in London. The only problem is that her luggage is in Finland, and it might stay there for a few days. I hope she will do ok with what she has. I know she has friends in London that will help her out. The family is very worried though.

Hopefully after work tomorrow I will finish buying what I need and I will be able to relax on Friday.