Work, Finally!

1 minute read

This morning, the sky was cloudy and the forecast said there was going to be rain throughout the day. I put on my jacket and went to school. After two hours or so, I looked out the window and the sky was blue and the sun was out. After Russian class, we went to some stores looking for a flag or something and later went to a museum with a lot of golden artifacts. They were mostly church related, like gold covered bibles, crosses, and other similar things.

When we finished walking through the museum, I headed to work, since the weather was so nice. Apparently I arrived in the middle of a break, because the site was empty, except for three people. I asked one of them if there was work today and he said yes, so I waited until everyone else arrived. After some of the supervisors arrived, one told me to go talk to another one and ask him what I could do. So I went and he told me to work with some other guy that was standing there. Unfortunately, this other guy doesn’t seem to enjoy talking, so we just worked quietly. We found many bones, pieces of ceramic, and other interesting things, much more than last time I worked. In one of the 10 minute breaks we get every hour, some people came over to ask me questions, so I was very happy. They first asked me if I spoke Russian, so I said I speak a little. They knew some English as well, so it was fairly easy to communicate. Unfortunately, this was their last day of work and they are all going back to their home towns next week, just my luck. Hopefully next week I will meet more people. Actually, one of them said that they might work tomorrow, and since I don’t ever do anything on Saturday, I think I will go and see who is there.