Uneventful Day

1 minute read

Today was pretty uneventful. We still have no hot water, but this time, I got a small bucket with hot water from the kitchen in order to shower. I shaved and showered without suffering too much. After that, I had breakfast and went to school.

During class, it was raining outside, which pretty much meant no work for the day. After history class, I got on the bus and headed home. When I arrived, I had to explain to the grandmother why I didn’t go to work. I don’t think she quite understood because she had an unhappy/disappointed look on her face. How do I explain that if it rains, the earth is moist, and therefore they don’t do archaeological digging? I had lunch, did some homework, programmed a little, and then felt a need to go out. I went to the movie place and bought two DVDs. They were only about $4 each and this time, I made sure they were legit, unlike the last ones I got.

During dinner I drank a shot of vodka with my host dad and now I’m here. The interesting thing is that it happened after the discussion about me not liking beer and other alcoholic beverages. It was a funny series of events that led there. It wasn’t too bad, I have had worse, this one didn’t burn my throat. Now I still have nothing to do, so I think I’m going to sleep early today. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so I can work…