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Ok Sunday

Yesterday I forgot to take my allergy suppressing medicine (Claritin) and, as expected, I woke up around 6:15am sneezing and with an itchy nose. I have really bad dust allergies, and just sitting in my room, I can see the particles float around. It’s very dusty, but when I take claritin, I can manage.

After showering, I stayed in my room for an hour or two so I wouldn’t wake the family up. Around 9, we had breakfast. After breakfast I went to my room and took out my map of the city. I found some streets that looked interesting and planned a small walk to get there. I left the house around 10am. The streets were pretty empty, but as I got further away I started seeing more people. I walked into a movie theater and saw the posters of the movies they are playing. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place because I only saw two Harry Potter posters and another one advertising some sort of zombie-horror film in 3D, which should be interesting.
I kept walking, saw several stores, walked in to all the open markets I could find. Some of the fruit stands have things I have never seen before, but not a single one of them has mango. For some reason I decided to look for mangoes everywhere, I guess I was bored. I still haven’t asked any of the fruit vendors if they know where to get them, I might try that next week. I later managed to go to some interesting neighborhoods, the kind that makes me feel uneasy to walk through. I ran into a train station and decided to go the other way. I got back to the main street I was on before and went into a pharmacy to buy some latex gloves for work.
I forgot how to say gloves in Russian, so tried describing them to the sales lady. After I realized it was pointless, I took out the ones I used last week, they were full of dirt and ripped, she laughed. I then decided to head home, while looking for mangoes in other markets of course… I ended up buying some marshmallow-like things that looked good, but only after a few minutes of misunderstanding with the salesperson. She put them on the scale and pointed at the price, it said 2.55 p., So I took out a few coins to pay her. She said no and repeated the price. I heard twenty something this time, but the price on the scale said 2.55 p., so I tried to explain to the lady. She ended up writing down the number manually, apparently the decimal point was wrong on the machine, but how was I supposed to know?

I got back around 11:30am. I read another chapter of my Russian history book, went on the computer for a little, and later took about an hour long nap. After I woke up, we had some stuffed peppers for lunch (I would have never guessed that they taste good!) and some other things. Next I went to another store to buy sunblock for work. You may think that the sun is not strong here, but after seeing that my feet have lines because of the sunburn and my sandals, I decided to take care. I’m going to be working from 9-6 in the sun every day, I hate when my skin peels. I also bought another movie, and this time I did get the real, not pirated version. I asked to see it, but the sales lady took out another one that was half the price, and told me I should get that one. I tried to explain I want the legitimate version, but I have no idea how to say that, so I just kept saying I wanted the other one until she understood.

I think I have test tomorrow, but I’m not quite sure what it is on. I’m going to check my notebook to see if I wrote it down somewhere. So that’s it for today.

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