No More Cold Water!

1 minute read

So this morning I woke up and headed to the kitchen to heat up some water for my shower.
Once I had it, I headed to the bathroom to shower. Being strange as I am, I decided to open the hot water just to see what happened. Cold water started to come out, but it wasn’t quite as cold as the cold water, so I decided to use that. I started with my hair, and after a few seconds, the water didn’t seem too cold, so I opened it all the way. A few seconds later hot water was burning me, but I was so happy, I didn’t really care.
I think they had just turned it on because the hot water pipe, which is out in the open and usually very hot, was cold when I touched it before.

Anyway… The rest of my day was not quite as exiting (if you consider the hot water to be). My history teacher had to go to St. Peterburg so I went home right after Russian class, and since it was raining, no work again today.

I hope again and again that it doesn’t rain tomorrow. If I go to work, I get to meet new people and practice my Russian, if I don’t, I get to sit here at home for most of the day.