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New People at Work

After Russian class today, I headed straight to work. I got there around 12:45pm so they told me to come back at 2:30pm. There is an hour and a half break at 1pm, so it was pointless to start working then. I walked around the kremlin and then decided to get some food at a small restaurant near the dig. I was there for a while and around 2:15pm, I headed back to work.

When I got there, I saw a large group of people arrive, one of the supervisors said they were a group of students from Moscow. We didn’t start working right away because they had to explain what to do to the new people, so they told me to start working alone. After a few minutes a guy and a girl from the group walked over and introduced themselves in English. I introduced myself in Russian, and they said they understood English just fine. I explained that the only reason I’m there is to learn the language, so after that we only used English when I didn’t know how to say something or when the supervisors spoke very fast. Unfortunately, I forgot their names, I guess I can ask them again tomorrow. They will be here for two weeks, so hopefully I’ll meet some more.

I worked until about 6:15pm and headed home. I was given an insane amount of food for dinner, which I initially refused, but later came to an agreement and ate it. My host family always gives me too much to eat, always more than they eat themselves, and since I don’t like being rude, I eat it, but enough is enough. I hope they understand that I don’t want to eat massive amounts of food, and if they don’t, I guess I’ll have to stop eating it.

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