More New Friends

1 minute read

This morning I was faced with the same problem as before, I wanted a 21 ruble water bottle but only had a 500 bill. Instead of making the lady have to go get tons of change, I bought a bottle of vodka and a water bottle so that I would get less change. I wanted to get some Russian vodka to take home as a gift, so it really was not a waste of money, not to mention it is very cheap here.

After school today I went to the same restaurant from yesterday. This time I had two things that seemed a lot like empanadas. One filled with cheese and the other with meat, they were delicious. I also had a margarita for no reason at all and it was very good. My friend had some macaroni and cheese, which I thought was pretty funny.

When I got to the dig, I had to look for the supervisor so he could assign some location to me, and I also had to ask me to put me with Russian students. There is an American student from my program that is also working there, and they wanted to put us together, so I told them that we want to learn Russian and they split us up. I met more people from the Moscow group, they were very nice and talkative, so I got to practice a lot.

Also, two of my host sister’s friends from Sweeden are here, which is pretty cool, except that I don’t undertstand a thing they say…

Tomorrow I have a final exam, so I guess I should be studying…