First Day of Work

1 minute read

Today went like most other days, in the morning that is. I woke up, showered, …, and eventually finished history class. After that, I walked to the bus stop and took a bus that took me near the Kremlin. After that, I walked for 10-15 minutes to get to the job site. It is an archaeological dig. When I got there, I walked down to where the people were, stood there, and had a confused look. Soon there was two people talking to me. One of them was sort of like a supervisor, and the other one spoke English. He explained to me what to do, have me a little shovel, a bucket, and a small wooden stool. My job was to clean a large piece of wood and it’s surroundings. I would get the dirt off, make sure there wasn’t anything interesting in it, such as bones or pottery, and put it (the dirt) in the bucket. There was a box were we put the other stuff.

I got there around 3pm and worked until 6:15pm with a few 10 minute breaks. They didn’t really explain very much how exactly I was supposed to be digging, but oh well, if I break something…. For my first day, I think I did ok. I found some small bones, and a bigger one that was either a jawbone or very large tooth. I asked the boss lady what it was and she kept pointing at her teeth, so I think that’s what it was.

After work, I walked another 10-15 minutes to the bus stop and got on a bus home. When I got here, the house was empty, which is a first. I went on the computer for a little and then started writing this. Then the family got back from who knows where and told me to eat dinner. I had some nice pilmini, which are like the things in wonton soup, which I really like. Then I had some cold something and later was given a drink with a bunch of stuff in it. I wish I knew what it all was, it definitely does not look good, but always ends up tasting ok or pretty good.
Now I have to do my homework…