Cold Water

1 minute read

So today I woke up as usual and headed to the shower. When I opened the hot water, nothing came out, and I heard this very strange noise coming from the shower head. I thought for a few seconds and then decided to shower anyway. I still don’t know if that was a good idea. The cold water here is extremely cold! After a few minutes, I was done showering, but I was also trembling like crazy. I then decided not to shave with cold water; maybe later I’ll heat some on the stove and use that. I later found out that we will not be getting any hot water for three days, oh well… (In this building the hot water is supplied everyone. People don’t have their own heater in each apartment.)

I went to school, then to an art museum, the St. Sofia cathedral, and finally took a boat ride along the river. I saw some pretty cool churches and monasteries, an unfinished bridge from the 1910’s, and other interesting things. Once we got back, we went to a restaurant to have dinner because one guy from the group is leaving early. I had some very good food there. I’m not sure what it was, the dish was called “Pink Flamingo” and didn’t exactly say what the meat was. I doubt it was flamingo, but they did have some ostrich like pictures on a brochure on the table, which was sort of weird.

Now I’m going to go to sleep…