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Long(?) Update

So I haven’t posted since Friday, well it was technically Saturday, but whatever. On Saturday I was going to go to a friends house to dinner with my family. They live in Miramar, which is almost an hour drive from my house. Since it was a far drive anyway, we [my family] decided to leave early and go to Sawgrass Mall to get some clothes. There are a bunch of outlet stores, so it is a good place to shop, but it is also the 2nd most visited place in Florida next to Magic Kingdom. I hate shopping, but I have to do it every once in a while in order to have clothes! After a few hours there, we went to our friends house and had an amazing Italian dinner. Around 12:00am we headed back home.

On Sunday I went with my family to Sushi Rock to get some lunch, it was really good. After that, we went to see Oceans 13, which was very entertaining. That’s what I remember.

Monday was also interesting (was it?). Maybe not… A few days ago, someone contacted me about a PHP program I wrote. It receives the data from any HTML form and saves it into an excel file. He later told me he can only use PERL on his server and asked if I could write that same program in that language. I spent a few hours porting the program to PERL, but I was able to do it. It did require some minor changes later, but they were not a problem.

Today (Tuesday) I do remember. I woke up at 7am and went to a friends house at 8. Four of us got some breakfast in a restaurant in Coconut Grove (Oops, I forgot the name, I think it’s green on the outside though.) We then went to a beach in Key Biscayne and hung out until around 1ish. I don’t think I got very burnt by the sun, but oh well. I drove back to my friends house to drop everyone off, and apparently I left a little too soon. Everyone said bye, so I thought it was over, oh well. After I got home, I proceeded to doing what I do best, absolutely nothing. Right now, I am quite bored, as you can tell because I am writing this. Ooo, I just remembered, I also played an Xbox 360 game called Fuzion Frenzy 2, it consists of a bunch of minigames and is tons of fun. It came with my brothers Xbox, so we decided to play it today, it had never been opened.

The reason this is titled Long(?) is because it may or may not be long. The word long is a relative word. It all depends what are comparing too. If you compare it with a sentence, then it is really long, but if you compare it with a novel, it is very short. It is up to you [the reader….if any] to decide if this is a long or short update.

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