First Week of Summer (Part 3 of 3)

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So yesterday marked one week of me being in Miami. So far it’s been fun (except for the doctors and stuff) but it looks like it will get better.
Friday was a lot of fun. I found out a friend was leaving Miami on Sunday and thought it would be nice to go get dinner or watch a movie with her and some friends. I started talking to people around mid day and by 7pm we started arriving to Panera’s at Sunset Place. I don’t think any of us knew there was a Paneras there, but somehow I found it online and convinced them it existed. The plan was to eat dinner there and watch Knocked Up at 8:30. About nine people ended up there, which was awesome, we sat there talking until about 9pm, we considered going to the 9:30 show, but it was sold out. Three people had to leave, the rest of us went to a friends house and watched the movie Inside Man, which [in my opinion] is really good (and confusing until the end.)

Saturday…umm yeah, I don’t quite remember much of it, so I guess nothing interesting happened. I remember taking the pictures from the diving trip to get developed and that I watched Knocked Up. If it had not asked my mom, I wouldn’t even know what I had for lunch! I hope my already bad memory doesn’t deteriorate too fast, if it does, I won’t know who I am in a few years.

Today was a little more interesting, well, at least I remember it better. I woke up, and found my dad fighting with the computer to copy a DVD of some home videos he made a few years ago. Apparently the disk is physically damaged and most programs either crash, or take forever to copy.<UselessDetails> I figured I could do an exact copy of the disk using dd in linux and then burn the ISO back onto a new DVD.</UselessDetails> Long story short, it worked, but since it is an exact copy, it copied the errors from the other disk. It works on the DVD player, but you can’t really copy for other family members.
After that I went to Don Burrito to get lunch and to look at cars for my dad to buy later in the year. We went to see the Mazda 3, it’s a pretty nice car and is similar to the Civic he has. Later, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End. It made a little more sense this second time watching it, but it’s still extremely confusing. That’s it for the first week of the summer (and the Sunday after.) Now I’ll have to actually come up with some sort of title for these posts, I guess I can always use “Second week of summer” ;-)