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Boring Friday ( and rest of week update)

On, Wednesday my parents left for their trip around Europe. After taking them to the airport around 10, I went to get my allergy shots. It ended up taking about an hour, but I had nothing better to do at the time. After I got home, my friend called me to tell me we were meeting in Dadeland mall. I met her there, had lunch and hung out for a few hours. I hate malls, but I enjoy hanging out with friends so much, I don’t mind them[the malls].

On Thursday I went to Borders to return a $25 book and ended up buying two very expensive ones. I hate when that happens. I proceeded to stay at home all day and do nothing productive.

Today I didn’t leave my house at all. I woke up around 8am, did some programming for a little, played some Xbox games, watched tv, ate, called my parents in Germany, and… I think that’s it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.

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