5 Days Left

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On Wednesday I went to get my allergy shots around 12pm then to return some stuff at Circuit City. Later, I went to see the movie Day Watch, which I really enjoyed, maybe I’ll put a summary later. At night I went to a friends house. We went to get some ice cream and then went back to her house and hung out until around 1am.

Yesterday (Thursday), I woke up around 8:30, even though my alarm was set for 9am. Some friends came over around 9am and we went to Dolphin Mall. I bought a jacket so I have some protection from the rain when I need it. I used to have a waterproof jacket, but for reasons I don’t fully understand, my mom somehow broke it, so a new one was needed. After buying that, we went bowling. I had not bowled in at least a year and a half. My first game was pretty bad, I think I got around 84 points. After I got the hang of it, I got 147 on the second game. After that I realized that my shoulder still doesn’t like me and today it’s being annoying and hurting. A little over a year ago, I tore two ligaments on my shoulder snowboarding, I don’t think it ever fully recovered. Last night I watched two soccer games. Canada(1) vs. USA(2) and Mexico(1) vs. Guadeloupe(0). Both games were ok, but in the USA vs. Canada, I got really upset. Canada scored a goal to tie the USA 2-2, but one of the refs said it was offside. The replays clearly showed it was a legal play, but the ref didn’t think so. It didn’t mean Canada would have won, but at least it would have given them a chance. The Gold Cup final is Mexico vs. USA, that’s going to be interesting.

Today I’m going to go to a friends house, I’m not sure what I’m going to do after, I guess I’ll write it here later.

Oh yeah, five days until I leave!