Slow Weekend

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This weekend wasn’t very eventful. On Saturday I went to a place called Jines to get breakfast with Tom, Gray, and Kevin. I had the Eggs Michael which are “two poached eggs over an English muffin with ham and cheddar cheese.” I think that is one of my new favorite breakfasts. (Is that even correct English?) I’m not sure why I’m writing this, but hey, if I ever forget the name of the thing, I can check here!
Later I went to Target and got some boxes so I can store my stuff over the summer. Other than that I didn’t do much. I watched a movie or two and went to bed.
Sunday was even less eventful, I woke up at 7:59am thinking it was noon, I still don’t know why that happens. I had breakfast and later did some homework (I know, I was amazed too!) I’ve been making flash cards for Russian for the past few days, I don’t know if they help, but I sure hope so because the final is next Saturday at 9am.
Umm… Yeah, boring weekend, boring post, and that’s it!