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First Week of Summer (Part 1 of ?)

Well, the first week of summer isn’t quite over yet, but I needed to come up with a title for the post.

On Monday I went diving with dad and brother off the coast of Key Largo, it was awesome. I forget who it was, but someone asked me if I saw sharks last time I went diving. Now I can say I have, it was only a nurse shark, which is probably the least aggressive and dangerous, but whatever… I’ll put up a picture when I get it developed.
Tuesday was dentist day in the morning followed by a doctors appointment. The doctor told me to go to an allergy doctor and somehow I miraculously got an appointment for today.
The doctor said they need to run some tests to see what I’m allergic to, so they did. If anyone is reading this (doubtful) and doesn’t like needles, don’t ever get tested for allergies. My arms when through what is equivalent to 50 mosquito bites (Some swell up more than others) later followed by 28 shots on the arm (just to make sure there were no false negatives.) The worst part is that I had to sit there and not move (scratch) for ten minutes. That was not very fun. The results said that I am highly allergic to cats and dust mites. I am also allergic to dogs, feathers, other animals, etc… Then they told me I need to come back next week for the second round of tests (food and pollen allergies.) Oh yeah, I also have to go twice a week to get allergy shots, this is looking like my best summer ever.
After the fun morning I went to Monty’s with a few friends, that was (actually) fun.

I got all my grades back, I think there has been a grading mistake because I didn’t get any B’s. That never happened in high school, but hey, I’m not going to complain.

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