Flying Experiments

I managed to go flying last Friday after work. Since no one else was able to come along, I decided to do some experiments with the camera.

Last time I mounted the camera on the rear window pointing out. This time I pointed it toward me, instead of out the window. I did a time-lapse of the first half and later on an actual video of the landing.

Not too interesting, but I figured I would share them  here.

Hip MRI!

A few months ago, I found out that my school offers a diving class. I enrolled and was having fun for a few weeks until I messed up an entry off the 3m board and hurt myself. I didn’t notice initially, but the next day my hip was hurting a lot.

I went to the doctor, got some x-rays, and began physical therapy. There was no bone damage, so they figured it would sort itself out with the therapy.

After a few months, some of the pain went away, but some still remains. (The injury happened in January!) The doctor recommended that I get an MRI Arthrogram. It’s like any other MRI, except they put a contrast solution so they can see the soft tissue better (or something like that.) The catch is that they have to inject this contrast solution, with a huge needle.

I asked the imaging people (who were all really nice!) if I could have the images, so I’ll use them here to explain. Here’s a quick video someone else made about the contrast placement.

Now here is how mine went:

As usual the first step deals with your clothes. They only let you keep your socks on, along with those stylish hospital gowns. I then lay on a bed with a cool portable x-ray machine above. The first take an x-ray to make sure everything is aligned.

This is the first X-Ray.

A few minutes after they tied down my foot so the leg position wouldn’t change, the doctor arrived. They applied some of that yellow antiseptic stuff and let it dry and proceeded to stick me with a smaller needle to apply the anesthetic. It didn’t really hurt much, I was expecting a burning sensation for a minute or so, but it was really quick. Now that my hip was all drugged up, they brought out the big one.

You can see the size of the needle here.

That needle needs to be long enough to reach the hip joint and wide enough to let the fluid through in a timely fashion. This step didn’t quite hurt, but it sure felt strange. I could feel that they were pressing down, but couldn’t quite pinpoint the source of discomfort. Once they started injecting the solution, I could feel it filling up.

Here’s another X-Ray with the colors inverted.

The injecting part was really quick. I think they said it was only about 12cc’s of solution. They then removed the needle and cleaned me up. After that was done, I went over to the MRI machine and spent ~45 minutes laying motionless. I kept drifting in and out of sleep, which is quite fun. Waking up inside an MRI machine working is quite something.

One of many slices from the MRI.

After that was done, I got my CD with all the images and headed home. The whole experience was not bad at all. I was slightly worried after reading other peoples reactions, but fortunately they did not apply.


So I skipped a few days. I’ll get the hang of this eventually…

So today I “helped” the Students Innovating Technology group with a new hydroponics system. I say “helped” because I mostly just took pictures and documented the build. I did carry stuff around at one point, but I can’t take credit for the work.

The way this works is with a water reservoir at the bottom with a pump. The water (with nutrients) flows to the top pipe, where plans will be, and down to the next step. When the pump is flowing, the water level rises until it overflows through the larger pipes in the end of the tube. There is a much smaller pipe near the bottom of each tube that helps empty out each level once the pump turns off.

The plans that will be growing are the type that clean the air and produce oxygen at night.

Still Cold

I woke up this morning to a room temperature of 10C (50F). I think the someone turned off the house heater. Either way, I was not prepared for that. I need to get my thicker bed sheets.
I didn’t take any pictures today, so here’s one from yesterday. I was messing around with my 50mm prime lens for my new camera. There was this one flower that survived the snow. There were more earlier in the week.


I woke up this morning to see my car covered with some snow, along with most houses around the area. This is not usual for May 9th. Here’s a picture while it was still snowing.

Ok, so it’s a picture of a fence… You can see some snow around the stop sign though!

Mmm Food

Today some friends came over to have some pão de queijo, quesadillas, and other stuff. It was a lot of fun. I went to the Rochester Public Market around 7am to get some fresh fruit, which we finished rather quickly.

Residence Permit

Today I finally received my passport with my residence permit, or oleskelulupa uppehållstillstånd as they call it, from Finland. I am really looking forward to working there over the summer!

Uneventful Day

My sinus infection hasn’t gone away. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I think I will find out whether or not I can go to Europe for the summer.
In the meantime, here is a picture from outside my window late in the day.

Helicopter Ride

So after lunch today, we heard a helicopter flying overhead. I was told that it was the USMC doing flights if you did 10+ pull-ups. I decided to head over since I had never been in a helicopter before. When I arrived, they told me that anyone can take a ride, but if you can do at least 15 pull ups, you get to skip the (very long) line.
Unfortunately I am not that strong and only managed to do 11. Since I had talked to the Staff Sargent there before, I got to jump ahead a bit.

The actual ride was a lot of fun. We flew around campus a few times, and since the girl sitting up front had a nice camera, the pilot decided to fly sideways so she could get some nice photos. I’m definitely going to try that again next time they do the rides. I managed to get a video of it:

Contemporary Music

So today I had my first encounter with contemporary (1900-now) music. It was pretty cool. I have never heard music like that, it was just piano, violin, and one song with a cello. Here’s a picture from my walk back to the car:

In other news, my sinus infection is back… I hope these antibiotics do their job quickly.

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